Know your Value……. Part 1

Know your Value…..Do not discount yourself, and that’s in everything. Do not spend time with people who discount you. Jobs, where the Management and co workers treat you like crap. The stress from constantly going into that place 5 days of a week. Trust me it is not worth it. Find another company to work for. I was working for a company for around 8 years at the time and at the 8th year, after all of the stress that I had already endured over the years. I had a new stressors in the form of 2 of my employees who were both about 20 years older than me. For sure they had to be in their 50’s, maybe around 55. These two employees acted like 2 kid sisters, always fussing and coming to me with silly she did this…. she did that… she told me this….. also it was an extra stressor of late requests that would need to be filled within 30-45 minutes with the regular job.

On Sunday Evenings I would just start thinking about going into that place, and my chest just started tightening up. I did not think too much of it the 1st time, but when I got to work it would get worse. I am not the one to call out from work. As a Single Mother we know we can not do this. Your job may try to replace you or they may treat you differently if they find out you have a real life outside of work. I plan everything after I get off of work or on weekends. By the time I would get off on Monday my body would loosen up. Then it happened again a couple of weeks later. This is a sign….a sign of an almost stroke…. just throw the whole job away. It’s really not worth it. I could have had 2 strokes in my mid 30s. Luckily the anxiety attack did not get worse, it those 2 employees did anything silly…. that would have been ALL SHE WROTE for me….


I am actually still at the job, I have been here a total of 12 years. When i went to the doctor to get checked out. The doctor told me to find ways to destress, I would go into my office and listen to calming music. On weekends I would go to one of my favorite restaurants, get my favorite meal and favorite adult beverage. It is hard for me to leave a good paying job with benefits, but with the economy the way it is…. I may not have a choice. But I almost feel that some things happen in life when they need to happen, although very unwanted it will push me to the field i truly want to be in which is a STAY AT HOME MOTHER. I am very Thankful for the years of stability, but I want to spend the last little bit of time that I can at home with my kids…… even if they are in high school.


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