Know your value/worth…… Part 2

✔Know your Value— do not discount yourself, and that’s in everything. Do not spend time with people who discount you…

Friendships,  Relationships, or Situationships.
You have to know your worth. If you are a Genuinely kind hearted person like I know you are,  you have to protect your peace at all costs.  At the end of the day your peace is what makes you you.  And it is what pushes you and motivates to do better. 

Friendships… know what a friend is,  you know that girl is fake…phony… and probably secretly is jealous of you.  And you can tell this by her actions.  It can be the slightest dig at you whether it’s a negative comment or….a how did you do that… or how did you get this.  This person is Jealous, and wondering how you’ve been so fortunate. Also if a person is negatively pointing out a body part and telling you about something that they went to,  for this specific part of the body. And they tell you,  that you should check it out. You may not even be in that type of relationship with the person that would even make them think that this type of criticism would be okay. Some people have gone through life with no filter,  because no one has ever told them that they you need to consider people’s feelings. That is not your friend Ma’am. That person secretly does not like you. Either there is a breakdown in the friendship somewhere or she has never liked you. Or it could possibly just be jealousy.
When you want to see what type of relationship it is,  you just sit back and pay attention to actions and what is said.  I am a people watcher, I like to assess the individual and actions. And they will tell you exactly who they are everytime.

Relationships…. we all know what a relationship should consist of.
Honesty,  Respect,  Faithfulness,  Love,  and someone who knows how to keep the attitude in check(and keep abusive hands off of you). It’s pretty simple you would think.

Situationships….we all have people who come into our lives for…a reason,  a season,  or to teach you a lesson.  If this situationship goes against the above items… STOP WASTING YOUR TIME….

In the end Your time,  Energy,  and Peace is Valuable….. Don’t let anyone threaten these items, keep your peace at all costs. Let that toxic situation go.

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