What was you Pregnancy Craving???

During my Pregnancy I did not have weird Cravings. To say that most Women are believed to have weird Cravings, my Cravings were actually pretty normal. I guess I am not most Women. Have you ever thought about your Cravings and then looked at what your kids eat on a regular basis. Are your kids normal eating habits in line with your Cravings during the pregnancy?????

For my Son…. I wanted Brownie Sundaes, pretty much on a regular basis. I would indulge at least 3-4 nights out of the week. I would buy a box of Brownie Mix, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Chocolate Syrup. I would Bake my own Brownies. Til this day my Son will eat any and everything Chocolate. And he loves Lemon, we are a lemon loving family. We are also very partial to Peanutbutter too. We are a Chocolate, Peanutbutter, and Lemon loving Family. However he does not eat his own birthday cake, it really does not matter what kind of cake it is. He had not eaten his Birthday Cake for years until i was creative with it. Two different years I took Chocolate Chip Cookies up to his school. One year I made a Cookie/ Brownie boxed mix I cut it into squares, and I built it up like a tower. He asked for that same Dessert almost every week after that. And for his next Birthday.

With my Daughters pregnancy my craving was a Cheesecake w/ Fruit Topping, and Strawberry Lemonade. The fruit topping was either Cherry or Strawberry. In the beginning i would go to the Cheesecake factory at least 4 times a week and leave spending a little under $20 every visit. I would leave a little bit of a tip for the togo order that’s why it was around $20. If you are doing the math that comes out to about $80 a week on a Craving. Which for a month could come out to around $320. Although I was pretty young(21) when I was pregnant with my second child, after the second week of Cheesecake Factory I knew I needed to change this expensive habit. It was actually more of an inconvenience. So one day while at the grocery Store I tried to remedy this issue. I ended up in the Dessert freezer Aisle, I came across the Sara Lee Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake. This can be cut into 4 pieces, and last for up to 4 days. Now it was time to work on the Beverage, my Strawberry Lemonade. I go to the soda aisle, and I’m not too happy with the selection that I see. So I keep looking around, then it hits me the Powdered Country Time Lemonade. So I am now in front of the Country Time lemonade, and no they do not have my Strawberry Lemonade. I was sad for a brief moment, so I so I kept looking around and I saw the Raspberry Lemonade. So that was the Combination I purchased all throughout my Daughters Pregnancy. And it definitely Satisfied my Cravings.

With making this change, I just felt like it was the smart thing to do. And the weird thing is, I was not even Money Smart at this point in time. Yes I had money, yes I had a good job…. but I had no worries as to how much anything cost at that point in my life, my bills were being paid on time… so no worries. I really believe the main reason why I did not want to go to Cheesecake Factory anymore was due to the inconvenience. I was pregnant, and it was hot. I was the only one picking up my son from daycare carrying him up and down the stairs at the apartment we were living in while pregnant. And carrying the Cheesecake Factory also. It was more convenient to have everything at home already, it cut down on me driving out of the way…. waiting for my order, and have at least one hand free while going up the stairs.

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