Hospitality workers and HORRIBLE CUSTOMERS…….


When you go out to Public Places where there are Hospitality Workers do you treat them like they are the scum of the Earth????…
Like if they forgot to take something off of your hotel bill when you go on that vacation or you go out to a Restaurant and the person forgets to bring out your Green Sauce with your chips or forgot to bring the complimentary bread out. 

Do you act a fool with the hospitality worker???
If you do….. this is where WE have a major problem.  You don’t treat someone like they are the scum of the Earth for making a small mistake. You have people making mistakes on larger scales everyday……  Like cheating spouses,  vehicle accidents that kill or injure people…. mistakes on larger scales. Oh ….. so you want to be Mrs. Big Stunner and be totally rude to this Hospitality Worker who has probably 5-7 other tables they are working on,  or just random personal things going on in their mind.  If someone makes a small mistake,  you just remind them in a nice way. Let the Hospitality Worker keep their dignity,  at the end of the day they are just trying to keep a roof over their families head and put food on the table. And you getting loud and acting a fool with someone,  just makes you look like a horrible person. The next time you even think of raising your voice at a hospitality worker,  think about how you would feel if the tables were turned.  If you were in their shoes…. would you want someone to publicly humiliate you???…. and chew you out for making an honest mistake like bringing out your customers whole meal and forgetting to bring out the free Bread.  When you grow a conscious,  you will see how wrong this type of behavior is. If you do not see where the breakdown is with this, that means you don’t have any regard for anyone but yourself. You could be a Narcissist…..

Maintain your Classiness at all times.

Now don’t get me wrong you may have to show that Ratchet side on certain occasions like when you travel out of the Country and at the hotel that you stay at…… the power went out for 2 hours on 3 days out of the 5 days stay.  Now this is an inconvenience,  because in those 2 hours you either can not leave your room because you will be locked out,  or you can not get in your room because of electronic doors.  Also no air, and no elevators if no power.  Choose your Battles wisely…. Now in this instance I was at the tip of going ratchet, but I listed all of the issues to the hotel staff and I told them that we should be reimbursed some kind of way for being inconvenienced on our Vacation. They made it right, so I did not have to go ratchet.


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