What do you think about a person going after their Dreams???

I was watching a movie and 3 women were talking about a man going after his dreams,  and not working a regular job.  They were speaking down/ negatively on this.

They were discussing the need to maintain a regular job and not go after Dreams. I used to feel this way also.  Until I realized you don’t have to go through your life working for someone else. Giving your time, and giving up your freedom. Yes some companies have 401ks, and some great perks…. But in my case,  I am in a stressful Environment on a Daily basis. I am currently doing all that I can to change this,  but also make it make sense.  I have to find something to replace it with BENEFITS.  So my requirements are: Work at Home Position,  Benefits,  and I would like the schedule to be flexible…. but sometimes you just have to take a step out on faith when you are changing fields. I realize it may be hard to find a job with benefits and a flexible schedule. 

While I am working from home,  which has been something that I wanted to do for years.  It is somewhat a Dream for me,  I am going to be able to spend more time with my kids. But the 2nd part to that dream is a schedule with flexibility and being able to travel more. So I have some other projects that I am working on to make this a reality, I am looking into the freelancer world.

With Dreams you have to remember nothing happens overnight, you have to put time into your Dreams.  But while you are putting time into your dreams,  you have to be able to pay the BILLS. You can not work on Dreams without a steady pay check,  and the peace of mind that you don’t have to stress about where your next pay check is coming from or where your next meal is coming from.

Sometimes people need that extreme stress to jump start their grinding mode it will push them to go harder.  And I actually went through that over a decade ago, i definitely would not wish the struggling life on anyone. My dream when i went through my Struggle was to provide a better life for my kids.  They were what gave me the strength to make it through. But remember going after Dreams  can be done either way. It’s just better when you are actually able to have a roof over your head and pay your bills from a steady paycheck… with BENEFITS.


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