What kind of person are you??? Are you a protector??….

I had a family member sitting in my driveway at night one day,  I raised my garage so they could come in the house. Instead they sat in their car on the phone having a conversation and watched a man walk into my garage and knock on my door and did not call me or text me to inform me of this.  The stranger knocked on my door and I was expecting it to be my family member,  instead it was a total stranger who was trying to look into my house when I opened the door. I actually had the door unlocked,  because I unlocked it so that my family member could come in. The guy tells me that he built my house and a couple of other homes in the area. I’m thinking….AND… Does that give you a reason to be in my garage??? I told him okay, well I actually have plans and I need to go.

What type of person are you???

Are you the person to continue sitting out in your car on the phone having a conversation while in front of your family members home when someone enters the garage. Crazy thing is she said she was ready to dial 911…but were you going to warn me????? Would you let your family open the door thinking it was you??


Who just walks into someone’s garage and knocks on the home door…..I was just so confused by this whole situation. In reality eventhough it was the Garage this guy was in/on my property. What do you do when a total stranger is in your property??…..I’m the type of person to call my family member and warn them, or to say something to the stranger with one of my self defense friends sitting on my lap, or to blow my horn like crazy. I would actually do all three, if the person does not have a valid reason to be in the garage. That’s just me, but I am not your average Woman.  I have been through Hell and back. I have had everything that could possibly go wrong in life go wrong, so I know how wrong something could go in seconds.  And that whole situation I would totally have my families back, the stranger would not have reached the door. I would have told them they need to try calling or come back at a more reasonable time, while gripping a self defense Friend on my lap. At the end of the day the whole situation was a bit off, so you have to stay on your toes. …..

Just think…..

What would you do if someone entered one of your family members Garage at night??? Thinking that it was you that was at the door that they unlocked for you. What type of person are you????

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