What kind of Woman are you??

Do you build women up or are you spending all of your free time trying to tear them down.  If you are trying to tear them down,  maybe you need to find a hobby… something to better yourself. Or ask yourself why am I so Obsessed with this person. Why am i always worried about this person. It’s either Envy, Jealousy or Obsession…. If you are paying attention all 3 are pretty much the same thing.

If you are the person that builds other women up,  you are my people.  You try to lend a helping hand whenever you can.  This means you love to help others. This is a great quality in a person. 

I can’t personally say that i am the jealous or envious person. I was blessed not to have that type of personality trait. I am more worried about my kids, my household, and myself. Even when having conversations with people, alot of females like to be messy. I like to talk about what I’m currently working on, what I’m working towards….. and what I need to get on NOW. You need to put yourself around the right people and have the right conversations. If you are constantly worried about someone else where does that leave you.

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