You just spent how much??….On what???

You have to set time aside to treat yourself,  even if it’s at home. At home happens to be the best spot because you are not spending outrageous amounts of money to get a temporary pampered feeling.  It feels so much more Awesome when you see that money in the bank acct or stock market,  rather than on your nails or feet….

You just spent how much??? On what???

So you just spent $60+ on your nails and toes, every 2 weeks….No ma’am. Do your hands not work correctly?? Can you not color within the lines???….Can you not polish your nails yourself???


If $60 each visit, $120 a month, $1440 a year. If $75 each visit, $150 a month, $1800 a year. If $80 each visit, $160 a month, $1920 a year.

I realize it’s only about $1400 to about $2000 a year, but savings is savings. You can do so much with that extra $$$.


What could you do with that extra $$$ that counts for you and your journey. I realize sometimes the PEDI soak and scrub can be very relaxing… how about a PEDI once every 6 months or once every 4 months. I realize a hard working woman needs to treat herself every once in a while. It’s so easy to do it yourself, just set time aside on a specific day every 2 weeks for you to pamper you yourself.

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