What kind of person are you??? Are you a protector??….

I had a family member sitting in my driveway at night one day,  I raised my garage so they could come in the house. Instead they sat in their car on the phone having a conversation and watched a man walk into my garage and knock on my door and did not call me orContinue reading “What kind of person are you??? Are you a protector??….”

What do you think about a person going after their Dreams???

I was watching a movie and 3 women were talking about a man going after his dreams,  and not working a regular job.  They were speaking down/ negatively on this. They were discussing the need to maintain a regular job and not go after Dreams. I used to feel this way also.  Until I realizedContinue reading “What do you think about a person going after their Dreams???”

Move in Silence…..

Surround yourself with the correct people…….You have to surround yourself with people who will Motivate you,  that will be your hype man when you have an idea. If you don’t have a hype man, then you need to move in Silence.  You know who your hype man is,  it’s the one who always believes in you.Continue reading “Move in Silence…..”

Hospitality workers and HORRIBLE CUSTOMERS…….

ARE YOU THIS PERSON???? When you go out to Public Places where there are Hospitality Workers do you treat them like they are the scum of the Earth????…Like if they forgot to take something off of your hotel bill when you go on that vacation or you go out to a Restaurant and the personContinue reading “Hospitality workers and HORRIBLE CUSTOMERS…….”

What was you Pregnancy Craving???

During my Pregnancy I did not have weird Cravings. To say that most Women are believed to have weird Cravings, my Cravings were actually pretty normal. I guess I am not most Women. Have you ever thought about your Cravings and then looked at what your kids eat on a regular basis. Are your kidsContinue reading “What was you Pregnancy Craving???”

Know your value/worth…… Part 2

✔Know your Value— do not discount yourself, and that’s in everything. Do not spend time with people who discount you… Friendships,  Relationships, or Situationships.You have to know your worth. If you are a Genuinely kind hearted person like I know you are,  you have to protect your peace at all costs.  At the end ofContinue reading “Know your value/worth…… Part 2”

Know your Value……. Part 1

Know your Value…..Do not discount yourself, and that’s in everything. Do not spend time with people who discount you. Jobs, where the Management and co workers treat you like crap. The stress from constantly going into that place 5 days of a week. Trust me it is not worth it. Find another company to workContinue reading “Know your Value……. Part 1”

You just spent how much??….On what???

You have to set time aside to treat yourself,  even if it’s at home. At home happens to be the best spot because you are not spending outrageous amounts of money to get a temporary pampered feeling.  It feels so much more Awesome when you see that money in the bank acct or stock market, Continue reading “You just spent how much??….On what???”

What kind of Woman are you??

Do you build women up or are you spending all of your free time trying to tear them down.  If you are trying to tear them down,  maybe you need to find a hobby… something to better yourself. Or ask yourself why am I so Obsessed with this person. Why am i always worried aboutContinue reading “What kind of Woman are you??”

I am so into Grocery budgets right now 🙃 Part 2

Savings as of right now…. well…. starting April 2021 will be $9,600 a year. This is the Savings from me not spending $1,000 a month on food. What could you do with an extra $800 a month, or even $9,600 a year. 💭💭💭🏖a vacation, 🚘a new car, 🏡a new house, 🏠a larger house, 🏘investment properties,Continue reading “I am so into Grocery budgets right now 🙃 Part 2”


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